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Help refugees build a new life, in a new country, on a solid language foundation.

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Language is the key to everything. For those forced to flee their homes, we want to give them the keys to their new home.

Aliah loves to cook and enjoys hosting people in her home. Her sense of humor and laughter is contagious. She is a mother of three children and they arrived in the United States from Afghanistan four months ago. Growing up she never had the opportunity to go to school. Yet now with a fresh start, she is eager to learn English and do everything she can to help her children succeed.

Aliah had never written with a pencil before she came to GCRES. Thankfully, that did not stop her. With the support of her family and community, who sponsored her intensive English classes, she can now talk with neighbors, navigate the grocery store, use her laptop to communicate to her children's teachers, and read books to her two year old--ALL IN ENGLISH. Will you help Alia, and refugees like her, and give the gift of language?

The Global Center for Refugee Education and Science (GCRES) is devoted to breaking down barriers to refugee integration through intensive language training. We envision a world where every refugee will have the language skills needed to thrive and give back to their new home. In this world, refugees both love their new home and are loved by their neighbors.

You are that neighbor. Your contribution makes the world a better place for refugees and for your community.

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